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A one-man play by Trevor Allen

The 2015 Cease and Desist Tour was a success!
We went from San Jose to San Francisco to LA to Burning Man and beyond.
Check back soon for 2016 show dates!

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Ever wonder what really goes on at the Happiest Place on Earth? This solo show chronicling the life of a costumed character answers this and other burning questions like, “Is it hot in there?”, “Where do you see out of?” and “What kind of underwear does Mickey wear under there?” Playwright and performer Trevor Allen spent a few years in Southern California playing Pluto, The White Rabbit, Mister Smee, the Mad Hatter and other characters on his quest for voice clearance and his dream of becoming Peter Pan. He recounts his tales of backstage debauchery, militant managers and his quirky coworkers in this unique coming of age tale that blows pixie dust in your eyes while offering a glimpse behind the ears of the Magic Kingdom. This play was voted Best of the San Francisco Fringe Festival and went on to play to sold-out houses and critical acclaim in Northern California, Berkeley and San Francisco. usually has a comprehensive (and very expensive) legal notice. For the purposes of this interim site, we’ll be brief: All references to copyright protected materials are made per the Fair Use rules found in Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976.

“Very funny… Mouse is an uplifting comic tale well told… Comparisons with David Sedaris’ hilarious Santaland Diaries are obvious.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“Amusing, skillful, and contagiously warmhearted… You may not believe your ears (or Pluto’s) on this unofficial guided tour behind the scenes… C is for ‘See it real soon.’”

SF Bay Guardian

“Fascinating… Infectious… He’s got more than a magic bag full of fun anecdotes, and the charisma of Peter Pan to pull off telling them.”

SF Weekly

“Vivid… Touching… If you’ve ever had a job that looked like a dream from the outside and a fevered hallucination from the inside, you’ll want to see Working for the Mouse… Allen shares his Disneyland experience with warmth, style, and tremendous humor.”

East Bay Express